Friday, April 1, 2011

Malaysian Government Securities (MGS)

Pointed out in our P2112 chapter 7 on money market instruments, below are the list of MGS prices (some of it. For full view, you can refer to BNM webpage )

MGS Indicative Price
Price List (RM 274,992.65 mil / 274,992,650,000.00) as at 01/04/2011
Stock CodeCoupon RateMaturity DateAmount (RM)Coupon Pay- ment DatePeriod To Run:Ind. Mid. PriceGross Yield (%)Flat Yield (%)
MJ0500043.756028/04/201118,261.4628/04 28/100.00.9100.072.76243.7534
MN01001V3.833028/09/201118,718.0028/03 28/090.05.9100.462.88733.8154
MG0900032.711014/02/20126,500.0014/02 14/080.010.599.792.95122.7167
MJ0600053.718015/06/201212,563.1915/06 15/121.02.5100.843.00103.6870
MH0900012.509027/08/201214,000.0027/02 27/081.04.999.253.05482.5280
MW91003Z8.500030/11/20121,000.0031/05 30/111.08.0108.653.12487.8233
MN02002V4.053004/12/20123,000.0004/06 04/121.08.2101.503.12783.9931

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